A Lazy Sunday “LCS” Haul

      For those not “in the know”… LCS stands for Local Comic Shop! Having a glorious day off from work today, I wanted to stop by my local shop with one particular purchase in mind… the first issue of Stellar. In my┬álast post, I discussed how I’d rediscovered artist Bret Blevins as he’s…


A Lesson 30 Years in the Making…

Consider this somewhat of a sequel to my recent post on the subject of my love of comics, the passage of time, and artistic dreams and desires. If you read that post, you might recall my love of New Mutants #65… the comic book which I credit with being the start of it all for…



Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff is a comic creator, writer, and artist. His works include the horror/drama Seer, the humorous (and loosely autobiographical) webcomic Appetite for Distraction, and the forthcoming post apocalyptic fantasy adventure, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”

When not working on comics, (which can be somewhat frequent… Appetite for Distraction will give a pretty good hint of that!) Bryan can be found actively participating in the communities of the Steem blockchain at and other related sites.



``I Thought It Would Be Zombies...``

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Appetite for Distraction

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