Comics… More Paper to Feed the Creative Fire

Once again, my wallet is no match for the Local Comic Shop! It’s become a bit of a habit to share my “hauls” as I’ve been inspired by similar postings by other enthusiasts on Steem. Recently I’ve discovered gentlemen such as @stevecronin and @jackofcrows sharing their own newly acquired reads and discussing comics in general…


22 Weeks…

22 Weeks. That sounds like the title of a zombie apocalypse movie. Or perhaps a romantic comedy. Or perhaps a zombie apocalypse romantic comedy. (But of course that particular genre has already been cornered by Shaun of the Dead.) In fact, 22 weeks is actually the remaining number of weeks in this year (2018) as…



Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff is a comic creator, writer, and artist. His works include the horror/drama Seer, the humorous (and loosely autobiographical) webcomic Appetite for Distraction, and the forthcoming post apocalyptic fantasy adventure, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”

When not working on comics, (which can be somewhat frequent… Appetite for Distraction will give a pretty good hint of that!) Bryan can be found actively participating in the communities of the Steem blockchain at and other related sites.



``I Thought It Would Be Zombies...``

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Appetite for Distraction

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