Some More Color Jawns For You…

I can hear you now… saying, “Oh wow, a walking talking plant that’s the muscle behind a ragtag group of quirky heroes… what an original concept…” as your voice drips with sarcasm. Yes, yes, I love that dancing tree who’s off Defending the Milky Way just as much as the next comic geek, but not all sentient plants…


The Goal Post

What can I say… I felt compelled to write one of those obligatory Steem Power goal posts. Ahh… did y’see what I did with the title and picture there? Very punny. But that’s just the kind of guy I am.   image by Matt Denton; used under(CC by 2.0) license   10,000 Steem Power. That’s…


Cases of Loot Can Help Beat a “Case of the Mondays”

Mondays don’t hold quite the same stigma when you work a variable retail work schedule like I do. Under those conditions all days receive equal chance of being dreaded and despised. But… being that today was Monday and I worked, I did have a chance to experience a “case of the Mondays” albeit softened by…



Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff is a comic creator, writer, and artist. His works include the horror/drama Seer, the humorous (and loosely autobiographical) webcomic Appetite for Distraction, and the forthcoming post apocalyptic fantasy adventure, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”

When not working on comics, (which can be somewhat frequent… Appetite for Distraction will give a pretty good hint of that!) Bryan can be found actively participating in the communities of the Steem blockchain at and other related sites.



``I Thought It Would Be Zombies...``

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Appetite for Distraction

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