$11.82 Well Spent… on Comics of Course!

Yeah Comixology… you got me. Email me a good coupon and I’ll add to my growing digital library… twist my arm why don’t you.         I constantly battle with how to allocate my hard earned dollars when it comes to my comic reading (& collecting) habits. There is an overabundance of choice…


Time To Floor That Pedal…

  work in progress from “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…” #1   Nothing of too much importance in today’s post folks… I’ll freely admit that! This is probably the closest I get to a random life blog or daily journal type post. I’m just trying to loosen up some rust as I really haven’t…


Some More Color Jawns For You…

I can hear you now… saying, “Oh wow, a walking talking plant that’s the muscle behind a ragtag group of quirky heroes… what an original concept…” as your voice drips with sarcasm. Yes, yes, I love that dancing tree who’s off Defending the Milky Way just as much as the next comic geek, but not all sentient plants…



Bryan “the Imp” Imhoff is a comic creator, writer, and artist. His works include the horror/drama Seer, the humorous (and loosely autobiographical) webcomic Appetite for Distraction, and the forthcoming post apocalyptic fantasy adventure, “I Thought It Would Be Zombies…”

When not working on comics, (which can be somewhat frequent… Appetite for Distraction will give a pretty good hint of that!) Bryan can be found actively participating in the communities of the Steem blockchain at and other related sites.



``I Thought It Would Be Zombies...``

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Appetite for Distraction

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